Carmela, the Italian Poodle (A Christmas Story), by Pola Chapelle

Listen to the story of Carmela, the aristocratic toy poodle who snored! And how Luigino, a poor shepherd boy on his way to Naples to play music and earn money for his family at Christmastime finds and befriends Carmela.

Together they make the most beautiful music ever heard in the hilltowns around Naples.

Carmela CD

Carmela Original

I had never written anything at all before writing about Carmela, the Italian Poodle. I wrote this story for Kaye Ballard (Caterina Ballardo, as she would say) the comedian, singer and actress. Kaye had been very generous and loving toward my mother and father who were having difficulties at the time they met her. They loved her very much, and often they invited her to dinner when she was living in Greenwich Village. Kaye usually brought along Carmela.
Mary and Paul loved her, not just because of her kindness to them, but because you just can’t help loving Kaye Ballard. I love you Kaye, and I wish Carmela were here to listen to the CD and hear her own bark!!!

What the critics have to say:

“When I was five, Pola gave me my own copy of Carmela on tape. I listened to it every night before bed and refused to go to sleep without hearing the story of the Italian poodle and the lucky Luigino. I can’t wait to share this new recording with my little sister.” — Jake Newhoff, Age 11

“I liked the story but what is a Zampola?” — Tula Jane Shapiro, Age 24

This dramatization for the Canadian Broadcasting Company was directed by Lionel Ditz.

Narrator - Peter Grant
Famous english painter - David Croshart
Angelina Pappaceddu - Mrs. Z. Provolito
Luigino - David Provolito
Carmela’s snoring - Remus

Time: 15:09

The illustration of Luigino and Carmela the Italian Poodle is by Gioia Fiammenghi

Title Calligraphy by Syd M. Johnson

Drawing of the city of Naples by Sean

Naples by Sean

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