Hallelujah the Hills

Written and directed by Adolfas Mekas.
Starring Peter H. Beard, Sheila Finn, Martin Greenbaum, Peggy Steffans.

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"Next to the two big shots of the New York School, Clarke and Cassavetes, he seemed a poor relative, especially
since people got him confused with his brother. "HALLELUJAH THE HILLS" proved clearly that Adolfas is someone to be reckoned with. He is a master in the field of pure invention, that is to say, in working dangerously - 'without a net.' His film, made according to the good old principle - one idea for each shot - has the lovely scent of fresh ingenuity and crafty sweetness. Physical efforts and intellectual gags are boldly put together. The slightest thing moves you and makes you laugh - a badly framed bush, a banana stuck in a pocket, a majorette in the snow. He shows life as defined by Ramuz: 'As with a dance, such pleasure to begin, a piston, a clarinet, such sorrow to be done, the head spins and night has come." -- Jean Luc Godard in CAHIERS DU CINEMA

"All hail Adolfas Mekas, an impecunious director who in his first feature film has produced a far-out and very funny farce, the first cubistic comedy of the new world cinema. The weirdest, wooziest, wackiest comedy of the year. A gloriously fresh experience in the cinema." -- Time Magazine

"The wildest and wittiest comedy of the season -- an outrageous lark." -- The New York Times

"The revelation of the festival [Cannes] was Hallelujah the Hills. It has irresistible drolleries; it is a slice of joie de vivre which lacks the most elemental gravity, but nevertheless reveals a spontaneous poetry, a genuine freshness of feeling. It is a work which captures, in a marvelous way, a certain natural exuberance of America. It has spirit and enthusiasm and a sense of the unexpected. Its refreshing fantasy and hilarious humor are all integral part of the film." -- France Observateur

"Probably the most American film ever made." -- Ben Schaffer




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A Method to the Madness
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