The Sayings of St. Tula Excerpt

16. St. Tula’s blessings go out to Super-8, 16mm and 35mm equally. Let this be not forgotten, thou of larger gauges.

17. The power of the spirit of the Silver Halide is there only for those who wilt wish to see it.

18. If thou hast no Camera, paint thee thine Film upon Clear Leader, for St. Tula Blesses the Image thus born of an Immaculate conception.

19. Blame not broken Equipment. Your vision may be too small to see what the broken Camera sees.

Chapter 3

St. Tula loves your Film. Even if no one else does.

2. Count thy sprocket holes as thou would the beads of a rosary.

3. Dream Twenty-four Dreams per second.

4. Do not let others convince you that your Dreams resemble their own lack of Imagination.

5. Critics, commit not an act of blasphemy upon my followers by casting judgments of a literary nature upon poetry for the eye alone.