In other words I LOVE YOU by Pola Chapelle

My songs are for my Adolfas, who changed my life to one filled with joy, with his deep love, endless wit and laughter and joie de vivre.

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CABIN - a poem by Tennessee Williams set to music by Paul Bowles
MA L'AMORE NO/CALL ME DARLING - lyrics Galdieri & music D'Anzi from the film Stasera Niente di Nuovo
MORNING MORNING - by "the Fug poet" Tuli Kupferburg
SOME APRIL DAY - by Jerry Moross
CHARLES STREET TANGO - Lyrics by Pola Chapelle & Adolfas Mekas. Music by Sergio Endrigo
I WILL GIVE MY LOVE AN APPLE - traditional, from the soundtrack of the Adolfas Mekas film Windflowers
RIVER IN THE PINES - traditional, from the soundtrack of the Adolfas Mekas film Windflowers
IT WILL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME - Norm Blagman & Sam Bobrick
YELLOW BIRD - traditional Haitian folk song
CHICKIE BABY - a rocky version of a 12th century Neapolitan street cry - from the soundtrack of Storm de Hirsch's film Goodbye in the Mirror
'O SARRACINO - (the Saracen) by Renato Carosone from the film Souvenir d'Italie
DON'T STOP - by Franklin Roosevelt Underwood
BILL BAILEY (in Italian) - by Hughie Cannan, with the Maxene Studio Bluegrass Boys
STA NOTTE 'E BELLO LO MARE - traditional

"....a unique voice....interesting material....I have downloaded Pola Chapelle's new album onto my personal iPod." Michael Feinstein

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©  2012 by Pola Chapelle

"My thanks to Fritz Schwarz for digitally restoring my demos.
To John Kisch for his photo design and professional advice.
And always, to son Sean for his support, love and understanding."