The Adolfas Diaries - Book 2

Adolfas Diaries Book 2

Book 2 of The Adolfas Diaries is the second in a series of 3 books of a wartime (WW2) journal written by Adolfas Mekas, and translated by him in 1973 from the original Lithuanian.

Adolfas Diaries Book 2
Adolfas Mekas in the starring role of "The Man I Killed" a play by Maurice Rostand, staged by the Lithuanian theatre director, Tvirbutas, student of Stanislavski, at the Kassel DP camp in 1948.


" Throughout the diaries, with the backdrop of the war, there is always Adolfas’ irrepressible sense of humor borne of unmitigated hope." David Newhoff, Writer and Film Director

" treasure. Such an odyssey and testament to human spirit, wit and resilience. In view of our current world, insight into the displaced experience in war. A very dark time survived with grace. And his charm is intact, his light touch, his genuineness as a human being that was felt by his students, by me."
Robert Selkowitz, Artist and Author

"The way Adolfas approached the world will resonate with me forever. Stories about him were always present as I was growing up and are part of my earliest memories. My parents worked with Adolfas so I always understood his way of making things. Reading his diaries gave me insight into his curiosity for culture, and who he was as a young man. I am inspired to emulate Adolfas, the artist."
Dylan J. Stone

Adolfas Diaries Book 2
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Prisoner
Adolfas Mekas, Wiesbaden DP Camp, Germany 1948
Adolfas Diaries Book 2 The writings of Adolfas Mekas
with Introduction by Jonas Mekas and
Foreword by Bronius Stakenas

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