The Adolfas Diaries - Book 3

Adolfas Diaries Book 3

Book 3 of The Adolfas Diaries is the final book in a series of 3 of a wartime (WW2) journal written by Adolfas Mekas, and translated by him in 1973 from the original Lithuanian.

"After narrating an impossibly fraught and arduous journey through the ruins of Europe, the diary of Adolfas Mekas arrives, with its author and his brother, Jonas, in Brooklyn, New York, in the waning days of 1949. Over the next few years, Adolfas begins to embrace his true calling: “Film is my only reality. Nothing else exists.“ His passionate obsession soon unites him with an exemplary generation of experimental artists – filmmakers, poets, musicians, painters, playwrights, critics – kindred spirits who, like himself, would be cultural game-changers. In Book 3 of The Adolfas Diaries, we see a great artist coming into his own – beginning to grasp that the ongoing film of our moment-to-moment, day-to-day existence has no beginning and no end, no stars, no script, no credits, and no craft services. It just continues, in all its wonderful absurdity, in all its heartbreaking poetry."
Mikhail Horowitz, Poet and Performer

"Memories are like cats, they sneak up on you and ask to be petted."
Adolfas Mekas

Adolfas Diaries Book 2 The writings of Adolfas Mekas
with Introduction by Pola Chapelle

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